John's Life

John was born in Jefferson, Tazewell County on March 27, 1871, and was the son of John and Rebecca Brown. In 1897, he married Julia L. Hinkle and lived happily until her passing three years later. During this year (1900) he lived in Maiden Spring, Tazewell, and married Julia E. Johnson (became Julia Brown) in 1909 in Richmond, VA. What he did in Richmond was unknown, though it can be thought that he was doing education, job opportunities, or simply exploring elsewhere as a part of his stay. After this, he lived in Big Creek, West Virginia from 1910 to 1920 and returned to Tazewell to stay until his death on June 15, 1952. John lived as a farmer throughout his life and had a total of 9 sons and 1 daughter.

John and Julia’s Marriage Record

John and Julia’s marriage record, recorded in 1910.

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