Bell's Land

Jane E. Bell’s property was located between the Colchester Public Road, and and on the South and the East by the Gunston Public Road in Mount Vernon. Although described by the tax records in 1893 as one acre, Jane E. Bell in her will writes that it is 2 acres.

Bell Map (Circled)

Jane E. Bell's land resides within the circeld portion, approximately. 

On the tax records, it says a landmark near her property was Lewis Chapel. Lewis Chapel was one of the earliest religious institutions in Fairfax. The church is half a mile east of U.S. 1. This could possibly have been where Jane E. Bell and her husband went to Church. Another landmark somewhere near her property was Collingwood Beach, a major place for African-American families to go swim

Lewis Chapel Landmark

Landmark of Lewis Chapel, possible Church of Jane E Bell. 

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