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It is unknown what occurred after 1940 that resulted in the disappearance of all mentions of Thornton Gray from Land Tax records or any Fairfax County records. Where are his children? We know that at least 2 of them died before 1940, and at least one was local, but their names don't appear in any county records. What happened to his wife? What happened to his other 6 children (as indicated by the 1880 census)?

Most importantly, what happened to Gray's land? There was no record of direct sale from Thornton Gray to any other party, and no will transferring the land to any of his children or any other agent. It's possible Gray had a will, but not in Fairfax County; since he died in King George County, it may be there.  What is currently Gray's land? According to a 1981 Tax Map and Fairfax County Historical Imagery Viewer pictures which show the comparison, it was farm land, but was changed to a housing subdivision by 2022. 


It is very clear from the items presented and the many questions surrounding Thornton Gray, his family and his land, that further research is absolutely imperative in order to tell the full story. We can see from the records we have presented that Gray's story is mainly one of tax delinquency while having a fairly good life otherwise, but more research is required into what happened to the land. While this will require investigation into current land records and looking back until one reaches the era of Thornton Gray, wrapping up loose ends in this narrative will be absolutely crucial.

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