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Atta Gould


          Implications of White ran late 1800s, and early 1900s Virginia newspapers stem their actions and motives. The lack and oppression of black voices prompted the necessity for black newspapers. The Rise of black newspapers throughout Virginia is an important implication to observe because it acts as a direct strike against the attacks placed upon them. These newspapers reject the anti-black ideology that acted in support of government systems that attempted to withhold Black Americans from obtaining rights, resources, and freedoms owed to them. African American newspapers were also able to uplift the black community despite the violence imposed upon them. When Virginia newspapers not only incite but predict violence, it suggests that black people have no option but to expect the striking of their bodies. African American newspapers that highlight both the positive and the neutral offer an alternative to the harshness of American life. Allowing black folks to find sources of upheaval. These newspapers also humanize black people in contrast to newspapers that worked to promote their dehumanization.


  Finally, systems emplaced in America often don’t dissolve; they change. White Virginia outlets may be unable to spew the blatantly anti-black rhetoric of the 18 or early 1900s. But instead, they utilize softer language to insinuate the same messages promoted in the past. As a result, the modern implications of white Virginia newspapers of the past is that white Virginia Media have the tools to inflict violence today. The foundation for the media we see today was created far before 1860 and is the basis for the media we consume now. The assumed guilt and stripping of black humanity forces black people to attempt to personify themselves, but Black people are already human.  Black Virginians continue to fight. Black people utilize media outlets to fight against the anti-black rhetoric of today. Recent years have led to a boom in black podcasts. 

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