The Black veterans throughout the 40s and 70s were discriminated against and put through more than they signed up for, and given less than promised. There are not only witnesses to this catastrophe but it is a written part of history that is buried in the guilt of ‘The Land of the Free’. Horrific experiences at the expense of white supremacy, as shown in the newspapers and interviews. A book by name of ‘Black No More’ by its author George S. Schuyler. Played on the idea, and made it a satire. The central premise of the novel is that an African American scientist develops a process that can change Black people into White people and that those who wish to broaden their sexual horizons, who have internalized white racism, or who are fed up with having fewer social and economic opportunities. Given that the South depends on Black labor through sharecropping, the economic significance of racial segregation in the South as a means of maintaining elite white economic and social status becomes increasingly clear as the country "whitens" (Wikipedia contributors, “Black No More”).

Schuyler has authored this read, exposing real bias and the mental, and emotional struggles and hardships around the 1930s. Racism is a deep seeded root of the history of not only the US but in Fairfax Virginia individually. The majority of the war's battles were fought in Fairfax; the Confederacy's capital was located there; and all around the Fairfax County line. The Black veterans who have served and was presently serving, who had risked there lives were not given what was rightfully theres. Such as Leslie R. Coats, the dairy farmer and Army reserve captian told Judge to discharge him because he couldn’t eat where he was told he orginially could. Though he wasn’t allowed to eat with his fellow government workers. It was told by the mouths of the Black veterans and was legally documented, of them being mistreated and lies that were spread by the media only entertained it. With things like the ‘Black Beast Rapist’ and ‘Unhinged Blacks’ held back rights and authoritarian titles that the Black veterans and serving soldiers were working so hard to obtain for themselves. Black women veterans suffered from not only racism and prejudice but sexism in a harshly male-dominated field. Yet, none of this stopped the greatness that was held for them in the future. Its important to recognize the past to understand how to move forward to the future.

Ray Young

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