Preserving Black Culture

Reston Black Focus Banner at Lake Anne Plaza

Black lives are geographic. They have physically taken up space within predominantly white spaces and made their own. This is a story within a story; In the midst of the Civil Rights Movement era, a Black community began to adapt in a new town called Reston. A place where segregation was not practiced like it was in the rest of Virginia in the 1960s. The new and modern town was created to be a home away from the nation's capital. Robert E. Simon Jr. was the creator and did not want to create a town as another suburbs; Reston was meant to have the best parts of a city and a suburbs. There was concern that in a town where only five families were Black in a town of 1,100 people that their culture would fade away.Anchor[1] To combat this worry, an organization called the Reston Black Focus was created.


Reston Welcome to an Open Community Brochure front and back, 1964.

By: Hercilia Vasquez-Flores

[1] John H Johnson, ed., “Reston, VA: New Design for an Ideal City,” Ebony, December 1966, pp. 90-96,

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